Friday, 19 September 2014

Melbourne Photo Diary

During the mid year break I went to melb and these are a couple of photos from the trip:

brown rice chickpea salad mm!

on our way to the queen vic markets

all the fresh veggies + the purple cauliflower peeping in the corner :O

we went to science works and this was a cool display where you could the image with your eyes!

the most colourful cacti! I want to take them all home

smallest cacti I have ever seen - soo cute!

yummiest raw vegan choc

I had soup in a bread roll omg!! I was so excited

we visited the shrine


this is the glass house at the botanic gardens

so pretty inside!

the cactus garden

we met up with annie from flickr and she was so nice and kind and took us to get the best vegan food in melb! thank you so much showing us around :)

red velvet cupcake + choc avo cupcake

at acmi

along the yarra river

at the art gallery

this was my favourite exhibition

pretty bikes everywhere

our last meal at yong green food!! this was the raw pad thai 


  1. This is so amazing. Beautiful shots!
    I love seeing places I know well through someone else's lens.
    I particularly love the slow shutter shots in Melbourne Central!
    But seriously, I loved them all :)

    1. Aw thank you so much Meg!
      The slow shutter shots were so fun to take! even tho I was a bit shakey!

  2. Stunning photos! We need to visit Melbourne for a photography/vegan food goodness hehe x